BUNK 7 Cast Member:

Jimmy Pou

Lead Guitar


Jimmy is currently performing with 

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Excerpt from Jimmy's website bio:

"In August of 1977, I saw in the trade papers that they were holding
     auditions in L.A. for the broadway show "Beatlemania" that was playing in New York at the time (starring Mitch Weissman, Joe Pecorino, Leslie Fradkin and Justin McNeil as the original Broadway cast). The producers had come to Los Angeles to form a west coast cast. 
I got the part of "George" and was eventually sent to Chicago to perform Beatlemania
 onstage at the Blackstone Theater. 
The show played there for six months, then moved on to the Taft Theater in Cincinnati,
  Ohio. From there, I toured all over the world with Beatlemania, performing the show in London, Holland, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Cleveland, Ohio and also St. Louis, Missouri.

I started to venture off and audition for other projects after being with Beatlemania for several years. 
In 1983, I joined a heavy metal band called "Fanz". 1983 was also the year that Beatlemania stopped full production. Members of the cast formed their own Beatlemania shows and began touring, using such names as, "Former Members Of The Cast Of Beatlemania". I started freelancing, playing with seven different Beatlemania groups at one time, a different one every weekend. 

I received a phone call from Gary Grimes of 1964 The Tribute in 1993, asking me to fill in for Tom Teeley, who was playing "George" with them at the time. Shortly after that I joined the 1964 Tribute permanently" (Jimmy was with that amazing show for 15 years) 

Jimmy is now playing with his ol' BEATLEMANIA alumni buddies in RAIN
as well as fronting his own
"An Evening With George"
...where he performs George's most famous songs.

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