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The Mahoney Brother have been at the helm of tribute bands for decades.
The "Long Live the Beatles" show began in late 1977 early 78'. 

Beatlemania caught wind of their show, and hired brothers Tim and Brian to become part of the Leber/Krebbs show.  
On Beatlemania's payroll, the two rehearsed for six months (Oct78-March79), hanging at the Winter Garden Theater waiting for their chance to perform on-stage with the show. 
Unfortunately, the show closed in '79 before they were able to take the stage at the Garden. 

Shortly following that, the Mahoney's  "Long Live the Beatles" show was picked up by Six Flags and other venues for an extremely successful run that continues today.

Over the years, their line-up has featured many of their old Beatlemania alumni buddies:  Lou Colucci (Ringo), Bob Miller (George), Peter Santora (George), Chris Gavin (George), and others.

The current line up is:

Tim Mahoney - Paul
Brian Mahoney - John
Mike Mahoney - Ringo (although he has played George many times)
Jay Swanson - George

The Mahoney's also have other great tribute shows, featuring the works of Buddy Holly, Elvis, and even the Beach Boys and Bee Gees.

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