Guitar, Piano, Bass
and all-around fun guy

MIKE's  BIO  coming soon
Mr. Palaikis passed away on Tuesday, August 12th, 2003
He will be missed.

BUNK 5 photo

(l-r) Jimmy Pou - GEORGE,  Sy Goraieb - RINGO 
Tony Kishman - PAUL, and  Michael Palaikis - JOHN 


"Here is a photo of Mike when we worked in Legends in Concert 
with me, Jimmy Poe, and  Louie Colucci, at the Imperial Palace. 
This is the Mike we all need to remember. 
I know he changed at the end. 
Lets all keep this image of the loving sweetheart that he was. 
I will never know anyone that could make me laugh
everytime we spoke. He will be quoted for many years to come. 
To this day we have all remembered something Mike has spoken. 
Just a mammoth of a sweetheart of a guy that just wont be forgotten.
Mike if your listening. I love you brother, Thanks for being you. 
Thanks for putting your friends first in all your conversations 
and always asking about my mom, and family. 
God Bless Little Mike Jr. and Diane. 
Love to all 



...with Bunk 8 (aka: BUNK JUNK)  mates:
Richi Ray, Don Linares, and (Sopranos') Al Sapienza

"DAY TRIPPER"  at the Winter Garden Theatre 1978 
with Lenie Colacino, Richie Gomez, and Bob Forte 
That's Michael egging on the audience 
Photo courtesy of Lenie Colacino


Winter Garden Theatre 1978
Lenie Colacino
Richie Gomez
Michael Palaikis 
Bob Forte

Photo courtesy of Lenie Colacino


Mike Palaikis, Pucci Lowery, Justin McNeill, Mitch Weissman. 
New year's eve gig in Atlanta 1987



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