Cast Member:


Drums & Percussion


Rick Bloom Original Cast of Beatlemania
Rick with Leslie Fradkin  October 1978



Q & A with RICK:

1) How did you hear about BEATLEMANIA auditions?
          There was an ad in the Boston Phoenix, seeking Beatle Look-Sound a Likes.

 2) were you a big Beatle fan prior to auditioning?
          Absolutely and remain so

 3) Had you been impersonating Ringo before you heard about Beatlemania?
            I was in a British Invasion Band called the  Back Street Beat, 
            and yes we did some Beatles---but mostly the other groups(Searchers-Pacemakers-DC5-Animals-ETC)

4) Had you performed in live theater before?  In front of large audiences?
              Not to that extent

5) What was your audition experience like? eg: was the room full of Beatle impersonators, or was it just you and a music director?

            It was myself and 500 other people.

6) How old were you when you were accepted into the show?

7) Were you excited when you were told that you were "IN"?
            Of course------it was the realization of one of my life long goals!

8) What was your first experience on stage as Ringo in front of an audience like? 
     Tell us that moment right before you hit that first note on IWHYH!
           Kind of scary I had rehearsed for 6 months, but the curtain opens
           up and there are 2,000 people---businessmen up front, with a look on their
           faces like"Show me what You've got!

9) Was it the first for your other band members as well?  (What was the line up for your first BUNK?)
           I was originally in Bunk 6 put together in march 1978 Marshall Crenshaw, Bob Miller, and John Redgate made up Bunk 6.

10) How many years were you with the show?
           Two years.

11) Tell us about your TV appearances
          There was an amazing adrenaline rush before the Merv Griffin Show.
           First of all we went to the ED Sullivan theater in a limousine (Repeating
           again what the Beatles had done) and as I understood it, we had the same make up
           and sound people from the original Sullivan show; that had done the Beatles.
          Meeting Merv Griffin before the taping, and just generally being in that
          building (now the home of David Letterman) was all very exciting.
          We only played two numbers "She Loves You" and "Help!"but it was a good
           performance for myself and the original cast members, Mitch, Joey, and Leslie.

12) If you had any, what was the most embarrassing moment on stage during the show?  Power outage?  Flubbed lyrics?  Sneezes?  Etc.
        I was quite lucky in that respect.

13) What was your favorite part of the show?
        No one thing in particular.

14) What was your least favorite?
      When it finished it's New York run.

15) Who did you enjoy working with the most?
       All the guys were great people.

16) Did you tour with the show?

17) Where did you enjoy performing the most? (What City, country, theater, etc.)    
       I was strictly New York City.

18) Did you play vintage instruments and use vintage equipment for the show?
       I am not 100% sure of that--it seemed to be.

19) Did you ever meet any of the Beatles?

20) Do you still perform with other alumni?
        Once in a while at parties and such.

21) What have you been up to career and music-wise, in your Post-Beatlemania years?  Care to give us the ol' resume'?
          I secured office work in 1982, and moved up within the ranks there.(Universal Studios 17 Years)
         I currently work as an Office Services Manager in the Wall Street area.

22) All-in-all, looking back, how was the Beatlemania experience for you?
         It was my Dream Job--------Thrilling and exciting!!